High Voltage Adhesive Lined


THVHS – High Voltage Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink

High Voltage is a specially formulated radiation cross linked polyolefin heat shrink tubing, which is used to provide insulation protection for cable terminations, load-break switches power circuit breakers, etc.

TSCTHS Series – Semi-Conductive Heat Shrink

TSCTHS series heat shrink is specifically designed with a radiation cross linked polyolefin which is used to repair and protect for cable semi-conductive layer.

TSCICHS Series – Semi-Conductive/Insulation Composite Heat Shrink

TSCICHS series heat shrink provides effective insulation screen on high voltage cable terminations.

TSCHS Series – Stress Control Heat Shrink

TSCHS series heat shrink is specifically designed to release the high stress present at insulation screen in termination and joint of power cables from 11kV to 24kV.

05- High Voltage Adhesive Lined


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