Flexible standard weight conduit is available in a variety of different materials suitable for automotive harness applications. It can withstand extremes of temperatures and resists automotive oils and solvents. It is extremely tough and has a high-impact strength and fatigue life. Solid NC conduits provide protection against mechanical shock and ingress of water while maintaining their form through tight bend radii.

Types of Conduits Available

  • NC – Standard Weight Nylon 6 (PA6)
  • NC – S – Standard Weight Nylon 6 Split (PA6)
  • PKC – Standard Weight Polyketone (PA6)
  • NCV – Standard Weight Flame Retardant (FR PA6)
  • HNC – Standard Weight Nylon (PA12)


  • NC – General-purpose automotive harness applications
  • NC-S – General-purpose and retro fit automotive harness applications
  • PKC – High specification conduit with high performance characteristics, can be used in the some of the most demanding applications.
  • NCV – High specification automotive harness applications
  • HNC – Particularly used in applications requiring repeated flexing coupled with low temperature impact resistance, such as robotics or rapid continuous motion, demanding high fatigue life and extra flexibility even in low temperature environments.

01- Conduit


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