Screw Clamp


Robust design and high-quality standards (UL94-V0, RoHS).

Many functions available for a very wide scope of industrial applications.

 Facilitate your rail assembly process

  • 10 pre-assembled blocks for quick plug-in mounting.
  • Asymmetrical shape: easy to handle, prevents risk of short-circuit.
  • Conductor insertion is very easy: the conductor entry is angled to guide the conductor into the clamp.
  • A flap under the clamp avoids conductor to be pushed underneath the clamp.
  • Universal: mounting on TH 35 and G rails.

 Quick and efficient marking solutions

  • Markers come by strips of 10.
  • Central and lateral marking allow a clear visualisation from any angle.

 The heavy-duty connection

  • The exclusive anti-release system creates a controlled locking-screw effect thanks to the 2 overlapping tabs that maintain the clamp parts. The screw is locked in total safety. The re-tightening campaigns are not needed anymore!
  • The clamp is punched, which increases the number of screw threads by 30 % meaning a high torque resistance.
  • The screw tightens the conductive bar to the cable. There is no torsion effect applied to the cable.
  • Hardened steel makes the connection very reliable.
  • Flap avoiding the insertion of cable underneath the clamp.


  • M indicates that a terminal will fit on standard Din rail and G rail.
  • D indicates that the terminal can be mounted only on standard Din rail.

01- Screw Clamp


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