ZS Screw Clamp


Screw Clamp Technology

  • A smart design to support your daily connection challenges
  • Revitalise your electrical installations
  • Modern
  • High quality finishing.
  • Improve marking visibility from any direction.

Asymmetrical design offers the best visibility from any direction, +20% marking surface. Facilitate your rail assembly process.

Asymmetrical shape: easy to handle, prevents risk of shortcircuit.

Stiffness: improved holding adherence to the rail, low deflection when tightening.

Locking pin: quick and easy to lock up to ten blocks in position at a time. Smooth your connecting process.

Engineered conductor entry: optimized conductor guiding, easier connection.

One or two conductors. Conductors with or without ferrules. Facilitate maintenance operations.

Terminals can be individually removed from a terminal assembly equipped with markers: markers become independent after strip mounting, markers remain on terminal in any situation. Handwriting possible.

01- ZS Screw Clamp


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