A Medium Voltage (MV) cold shrink cable joint allows connection of single-core cables with an operating voltage of up to 36 kV and extruded insulation.

It consists of:

  • a metal joint to connect the conductors;
  • a double-layer insulating silicone body for electric field control;
  • copper braid to restore the shielding;
  • external silicone coating body for electrical and mechanical protection.


  • quick installation
  • covers a wide range of cross-sections with a single product
  • installation without heat, flames, or special tools
  • reliability for installation in harsh environments
  • less bulky
  • compact design
  • line immediately operational
  • suitable for all installation conditions (underground, overhead, under water)
  • reduced labour costs
  • reduced storage costs
  • no expiry date

02- Joints


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