Submarine Series Y-Branch Connections


SUBMARINE® Branch Series – Cast resin joints for Y branch connections

The SUBMARINE® Branch Series kits allow 0.6/1 kV single and multicore cable connections with up to five conductors. Kits include:

  • two transparent half-shells with snap-shut closure and a 30° branch connector, so that the connection is visible before the resin is poured two-component solid state polyurethane resin, already in the correct mixing ratio
  • Direct Injection pouring system (DIPS) allows to inject the pre-mixed resin inside the joint, without contact with the external environment. No leakage and no personal contact, ensuring maximum safety for the operator and the environment
  • cores separator and in some versions an insulated five-pole terminal block – which enables connection without interrupting the main cable – and Allen key.

02- Submarine Series Y-Branch Connections


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