Silicone Resin Fillers


Re-enterable two-component silicone resin

Resil® is a re-enterable two-component silicone resin for low voltage filling and insulating. Together with GSA and GSB Series shells, Resil® can be used to make Resil JOINT®, low voltage straight (RJA Series) and branch (RJB  Series) joints, compliant with CEI EN 50393 standard. Resil® is classified as non-hazardous under European Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP).
The product is safe to handle. The two components, supplied in special containers, are mixed in a measuring jug that ensures the correct 1:1 dose however much product is used. The components polymerize quickly and fill the shell rapidly and safely thanks to their low viscosity.

03- Silicone Resin Fillers


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