Resil Joint RJB Series Y-Branch Connections


Resil Joint® RJB series – Silicone resin insulated joints for Y-branch connections

Resil Joint® is a new line of silicone resin insulated joints for low voltage 0.6/1 kV branch connections of single and multicore cables with up to four cores compliant with EN 50393 standard, made using Resil® silicone resin as a filler for GSB Series shells.
Thanks to Resil’s USE & REUSE feature, it is possible to mix only the  amount of silicone resin required, keeping the remainder for later use.
The new measuring jug supplied with Resil 100 is marked with the filling levels specific to commonly used GSB shells, thus allowing for easy, fast and precise dosage of both parts.
RJB joints made in this way keep all the structural characteristics and advantages of Resil® silicone resin, allowing possible re-entering and at the same time providing protection against accidental contact with the live parts of the connection.
Unlike joints made with polyurethane and epoxy resins, Resil Joint® joints, using Resil® silicone resin, contain no isocyanates, and ensure maximum safety for the environment and operators.

02- Resil Joint RJB Series Y-Branch Connections


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