Gel Insulated Mini Junction Boxes


IPX8 gel insulated minibox with connectors

Shell Box® is an innovative series of gel insulated connecting devices with IPX8 protection degree, complete with Spring Box® lever connectors, to quickly and safely make, insulate, and protect electrical connections in any number of home and industrial applications with no need for tools.

Thanks to its silicone gel insulation, Shell Box® protects narrow cable (0.2 – 4 mm2) connections from water, moisture, and dust both indoors and outdoors and can be used for lighting fixtures, pumps, automation for windows, doors, and gates, telephone and telecommunications systems, sound systems, and cable radio.

Three sizes and six versions allow low-voltage connection of up to five conductors on a single phase, up to three conductors on two phases, and two conductors on three phases.

02- Gel Insulated Mini Junction Boxes


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