Routing Clips


Properly organising wiring refers to grouping, routing and labeling wires in a manner that can make for easy identification of different circuits for future maintenance personnel as well as for emergency personnel.  Using wire that has colored insulation provides for better identification of circuit conductors.

Properly supporting wiring refers to the practice of securing wiring either along PV modules and racking equipment or in conduit trays.  Accomplishing this task requires choosing the appropriate components to do so.  These components include stainless steel wire clips, UV-stabilised composite wire clips, UV-stabilised wire ties or a cable tray.

Routing clips are designed to clamp a single or multiple USE-2, PV wire or TC-ER cables. Some manufacturers of stainless clips provide 90-degree clips where the surface length being clipped to is perpendicular to the route of the cable. Array edge screens are a great tool to keep critters from accessing PV arrays.

01- Routing Clips


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