Hi Spec Heat Shrink


TLTNHS Series – Hi Spec – Low Temperature Neoprene Heat Shrink

TLTNHS is used for insulation, strain relief, and abrasion protection on cable harnesses and wire bundles in military and aerospace industries. It provides fluid and solvent resistance, including lubricating oil, aviation and ground-vehicle fuels and hydraulic fluids. Neoprene remains flexible at low temperatures.

TPVFHS Series – Hi Spec – High Temperature Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVF2) Heat Shrink

High temperature, chemical resistant PVF2 tubing is semi-rigid and flame retardant. It is made from heat shrinkable polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2) tube for applications requiring outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance. It reliably protects wires, solder joints, terminals, connections from most industrial fluid solvents and fluid chemicals.

THTFHS Series – Hi Spec – High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Heat Shrink

THTFHS is a heat shrinkable, flexible, fluoroelastomer sleeving that is
used in high temperature applications or where exposure to high
temperature and aggressive solvents is expected. It is widely used in
hydraulic equipment, aircraft manufacture and ship building

TDREHS- Series – Hi Spec – Diesel-Resistant Elastomeric Heat Shrink

TDREHS is flexible elastomer polyolefin tubing, resistant to aviation
and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, and lubrication oils. It reliably
protects wires, solder joints, terminals, connections and components
from most industrial fuels, abrasion and mechanical damage.

TORHS Series – Hi Spec – Oil Resistant Heat Shrink Ratio 2.5:1

TORHS is specially designed for paper insulated cables. It is made of
radiation cross-linked oil resistant polyolefin and is widely applied in
power cable terminations and joints up to 36V.

10- Hi Spec Heat Shrink


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