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Shrink-Tech Heavy Wall Adhesive lined

Heavy Wall Adhesive Lined is designed for applications to seal and protect electrical and communication connections. It provides excellent mechanical protection to cable joints and terminations, flexible gas pipes, etc. Features High resistance to impact, abrasion, corrosion, UV and chemicals Superior sealing properties for electrical and environmental insulation See More  

Shrink-Tech Medium Wall Adhesive Lined

  Medium Wall is suitable for a variety of low voltage electrical and mechanical applications, where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important. Recommended to applications for light cable and wire harnesses that require waterproofing, protection, and sealing of connectors components within the tubing. Features High electrical insulation High resistance to impact, abrasion and UV […]

Shrink-Tech Thin Wall Adhesive Lined

  Thin Wall Adhesive Lined is made from co-extrusion of polyolefin and hot-melt adhesive. With the excellence of soft, airproof and  fireproof,  it could provide both insulation and sealing for protected articles.                                  Features Flame retardant Waterproof Shrink Ratio’s of […]

Shrink-Tech Thin Wall Series

Manufactured from stabilized polyolefin, these insulators are used to insulate bare connectors and splices. They also provide a degree of strain relief and may be used to harness wires. They also include features such as: Halogen Free non-lined thin wall tubing Extra clear heat shrink for use on power and data connections Shrink ratio’s of […]

Shrink-Tech Heat Shrink

When it comes to moisture proofing connections and terminations, TTS’ heat shrinkable tubing, boots and end caps offer the greatest performance. Made of cross-linked polyolefin, these heat shrinked insulators can be used over a wide variety of materials. Shrink-Tech product range consists of the following: Categories Thin Wall Tubing Thin Wall Adhesive Lined Medium Wall […]